DD(Dad’s Diary)72

My first “real” Helicopter after several months of training , was the Seasprite H-2 , The engine cowlings / covers were just light enough to protect the engines , and opened upward so we had to balance (Which was even more of a challenge when we were at sea , but thats a whole different blog…!) We had to leave our tool boxes on the ground! The Cowlings were  not strong enough to stand on , so  most other helicopters could support maintenance folks , and their tool boxes on the engine cowlings , to work on the engine. Most electrical components were in and around the turbo jet  shaft engines, so we had to wait for them to cool down after flight.

The H-2 was used @ Sea as a submarine hunter , and various other missions , usually on a smaller ship , and closer to the ocean , so salt spray was very corrosive to the aircraft.