DD(Dad’s Diary)58

This blog is a reflection on one of the most interesting Deployments , was On The USS-Merrill(DD 976) , we sailed on the Pacific Ocean , which had many neat Asian Ports , but in order the circle the globe , we used the Persian Gulf , we were in the area in 1988 when the USA had enough of the terrorist using abandoned oil platforms as a base from which they attacked passing ships , more importantly petroleum tankers carrying gas through the area. So The USA lead “Operation Praying Mantis” was used to crush that threat. Many American Forces , and Foreign Allies launched an attack. And an Iranian-Gunboat fired on one of the US Navy Ships , which was not a real good idea , as The Gun Boat was unable to go any more harm! The entire Group of Ships were awarded the Combat Action Ribbon , and many other awards that I’ll cover in future blogs. Our helicopter had no role , so it was stowed in the Hangar. We were kept down below until it was all over. So there was nothing to see here , and besides being on the deck during the Operation would have been dangerous