DD(Dads Diary) 82

I have blogged or Ranted on this before , But more on my Tale of 2 Helicopters! My first job as an Aviation Electrician was as a maintenance technician on the H-2 Sea sprite , the engine covers (Or Cowling !)opened upward so we could work on the engines , but they were very light and made of fiberglass , so we had to stand up and balance on the Auxiliary Fuel Tank , and keep our tool box on the ground , and just hold any tools we needed at the time. Which was especially challenging at sea as the ocean made for a less than steady work place! Years later I worked on H-3 Sea kings ,   the engine covers were much sturdier , as they swung down and could handle several people , and tool boxes and several pieces of repair gear , what a small benefit for me? They could even stand a heavy generator , which was an added benefit for me too!