DD(Dad’s Diary) 66

Yesterday was 14 years since the “terrorist acts” , so in the words of my Naval-Superiors “carry on” , so I’ll stick to a lighter note , just my experiences , and no editorial opinion ! Back to my deployment to Naples Italy , Touring some of Europe was great , But on my time off we toured many local sites. Rome was just a few hours away , so there was lots of history to see , The colosseum was massive , and must have been quite the spectacle many centuries ago. We used the High Speed Train to get around , and as an english speaker and reader , it was quite the adventure to get around , and asking for directions was a gamble for sure . Pompeii was a somber reminder of just how nature really has the last say. We were there to maintain the 1 H-3 helicopter ,it had many missions , as a Nato tool and the transport for the admiral there , he was in charge of all the  US Navy in the area , so when he went to sea on his command ship in the Mediterranean  every month or so , we saw lots of Europe. The H-3 is rather large and is usually towed around by tow tractors , so when  we were deployed , we moved it on the flight deck/hangar it was done by hand , so a task for sure.

More next time