DD(Dad’s Diary) 61 Bahrain Part 3 , The Saga….

My second 9 month Deployment there , was a different place , as the Navy Built a new barracks for us , it was near the military ASU(Auxiliary Support Unit) , a compound for all the military in the area ,  It was full of mobile home like buildings for the Headquarters , and though I could Bike there in years past ,  I could get there quicker , not an all day affair like it once was. We were fed @ our living Quarters , so we rarely had to eat out , Maybe we are a bit spoiled? But food safety in foreign lands is always a gamble! This time I bought a bike , just like the locals , so I’m sure the american on 1 of their bicycles turned a few heads!? The bike was made in Pakistan , And was rather heavy , as it was made of steel , and it was quite a chore to lug it to and from my room. Luckily the elevators rarely broke down (Like years past!) so that helped. When i first deployed there , we were closer to the airport , and further away from ASU.

This post will definitely have a 61.2 , so more to come