DD(Dad’s Diary) 40

30 years ago today , my adventure began! When i arrived at Recruit-Training-Command in Orlando Florida , I Was Housed in the temporary holding barracks , Until there were enough recruits to start a full company. I waited several weeks for the “fun?” to begin , so on the that day of “real” boot-camp began , and this is the first day of my naval-adventure! I went by bus and  railroad to get there , it took several hours , so I had plenty of time to ponder what I was in for! But I was sure of the choice , and even though there was plenty of time to back out , I had no intention to.After all ,  trading Bradenton for to see the world was an easy one for me to make. The 8 weeks there was a shock for me , but just a taste of what was to come for me. My tour there was an adventure for sure , and will share more tales next time