DD(Dad’s Diary) 34

Millington part 4….

Being an instructor at the basic aviation-electrical-systems  school was neat for me. Many years ago I was an E-1 student in the school , just out of boot-camp , now to be an E-5 in the front of the class room , was quite a change for me. Several of my students later served with me,  Learning our trade on retired A-4 jets in the hangar was a good lesson , but working on real planes in the real-world was quite another story. Not just our job , but also life in and around the aircraft on the flight-decks. Keeping aircraft flying was job 1 , but F.O.D.(foreign object damage) , trash can be dangerous too , not just to the jet engines , but helicopters can stir them up too. This blog being up-dated  the day before  9-11 , kind of brings a different light to the military , so i’ll share more next time