DD(Dad’s Diary) 29

 The “Helo-Pad” landing area for the Helicopters was a small area on the back of the Ships. And were only used for Take-offs and Landings when the Ship was Underway , when the Pad could be better controlled on the Oceans , by winds and speed . When the Ship’s were tied up at the Pier were they were based , we had our gear lifted onto the USS . The ship moved with the motion of the ocean , so the helicopters were never flown to or from the ships when they were in port.The ship and pier were filled with trash  . that could damage the Jet engines of the aircraft , and also be a flying hazard for sure!  When we went to sea for a 9 month deployment , our Helicopter flew out to the ship when it was away from land . The ship changed it’s heading so that it was pointing into the wind , giving the Helicopter added lift. the real adventures for me began when we were at sea in the Pacific . So I’ll have plenty more to say next time