DD(Dad’s Diary) 28

“Deploying” From HSL-35 In California twice for 9 months each time was an Adventure for sure. When we were “Home” we worked out of a small-cage in the hangar , sometimes near our helicopter once in a while , so when we went to sea we were already used to the cramped quarters , sort of! But having the landing pad sway with the ocean was a challenge at first. Some days were smooth , but mother nature didn’t much care when the seas got rough in a storm. I found out early on as a troubleshooter , that sweat is a great conductor of electricity. I won’t explain the theory , but while removing a gage in the cockpit while the rotor blades were engaged , I got shocked a bit and jumped a little , but the pilot’s kept their hand firmly on the controls , so there was no danger , but scared me none the less. Needless to say , I made sure my hands were dry even when the heat was intense. The helicopters always hovered next to the ship as they took off at the same speed as the ship, just to be sure all their ┬ásystems worked , and could land back on the ship if needed.

More to come..