DD(Dad’s Diary) 27

While assigned as an Aviation Electrician on Helicopters in Ca. , My deployments in the Pacific-Ocean were quite the experience for me , but the Salt-Spray is very Corrosive , Not just to the Exterior of the Aircraft  , but even more damaging to the Electrical Components too. And to make matters even more severe , Rough Seas and Helicopter-Rotorwash  are more of a danger. When the Helicopters Hover over the Water , The salt-spray is stirred-up , dispersing the spray to the sensitive components. Especially during take-offs and landings. So we were all trained in crrosion-prevention , We Kept the Helicopter protected with a petroleum-based spray on the surface , and Rinsed it off with fresh water after each flight. But the ship made their own water , so when they couldn’t (The De-Salination Plant , Converted the Salt Water to Fresh-Water , was Down/Broke for Various Reasons Occasionally for Preventive Maintenance) And other Departments of the Ship Had Priority Over Us , The Kitchen for example was very Important. So We Often Did without Water. When that was the case , we made sure we wiped off the salt water from the Aircraft, As The Salty-Sea-Water is rather corrosive , And not to get too scientific ,  but the salt-water is a Great-Conductor-Of-Electicity. I found out the hard way years later , and will share that mishap in a later blog.