DD (Dad’s Diary) 88 Salt Spray part 2!

This is a continuation of sorts , as most of this has been posted in the past! Being on a ┬áNavy Destroyer made us closer to the Salt Water of the Seas! The Salt Spray was harsh on the Helicopter Skin(Or Fuselage to the Naval Air Types!). Especially when the Seas were Rougher than usual in a Storm. Salt is rather Corrosive , and is such a great Conductor that it’s used in Batteries , as I learned in Basic Electrical Training. And the Rotor Wash stirred up the Seas when the Helicopter Flew , so we spent many hours protecting the Aircraft from the Elements. And the Spray was rather harsh on all the Electronic Sensors and Gauges , so keeping them Protected was a Priority for sure! We used an Oil based spray to protect the Helicopter , and Only left it out on the Flight Pad when the Seas were calm , and stowed in a Hangar when the Seas were unusually Stirred up in a Storm!