DD (Dad’s Diary) 71

My first “real” job  as an aviation electrician had to wait a few months for all the training , first introduction to the Navy , then training for my trade. I was trained to work on all aircraft , but my first duty station was on H-2 helicopters , in San Diego , which was a lot like the climate in Florida , so the weather was very familiar for me . and since my initial trade was on helicopters , all future assignments were similar  , which made the transition and reassignments easier for me , and likely easier for the folks that were in charge of my next duty stations too.

My initial on the job training was @HSL(Helicopter Anti Submarine Light)-31 learning to maintain the H-2. It is a training squadron for both the maintenance folks and aircrew . After 4 years there , I was assigned next door to HSL-35 for Sea duty as an E-3 . We were assigned the 1 Helicopter that we went to sea with , we worked out of a small cage in the hangar with the technicians and aircrew , so when we deployed on USSs we were all used to working together. Of course the Western Pacific Ocean was a great start to my adventure , so this blog will continue….