DD(Dad’s Diary) 84 , Not to be confused with the other DD a designation for a naval Destroyer!

This blog will be about F.O.D.(Foreign Object Damage). All trash on the ground is lethal to all Jet Engines , But can also be a hazard to people too , as the Rotors can stir up and send the Trash Flying Too! The Helicopter Engines were High off the ground , and had some sort of guard to help , but the flying debris can do damage too. When I was an E-1 Recruit in Millington , we first learned the importance , as all of our training schools had a daily F.O.D. Walk down to pick up litter in the parking lots , we all lined up shoulder to shoulder and were led in a slow pace to cover the area. Years later I better understood just how important it was, As nuts and bolts in the Hangar , Or Flight Line can cause a lot of damage , so we had a real F.O.D. Walk down each day At all Aviation Squadrons , And also on all ships when we deployed! So needless to say some of the ship repairs kept us busy for sure , as pieces of rope and Metal scraps were common , as they were just trash for someone , not us!

More to come…


DD(Dad’s Diary) 83 Military Acronym Edition ;)take 2 , with spell check!;)

This blog will be a break from the usual Navy Stuff , but sort of the same too! Just down the road from us is Macdill Airforce base , where UScentcom(central command) and many other special operations (Green Berets , Navy Seals , Rangers , etc.) are based there . So for the Independence Day Celebration at The Marauders Minor league baseball game had fireworks and a Paratrooper Jump , which was great , and a much safer jump for a change as no one is shooting at them , and we were a much friendlier crowd for a change. They are sent to Macdill for a break of sorts , so we benefit from their practice and keep their qualifications up to date while they are there . So we both benefit from it!