DD(Dad’s Diary) 54

Stop me if you heard this before , No wait , you did! After Duty @ HSL-31 in San Diego , I learned my trade on the H-2 Helicopter , I got orders to go next door to HSL-35 . They have the same helicopters , but it is a sea going squadron(they deploy ) . We were assigned 1 H2 and worked out of a small cage in the hangar. So when we went to sea we were all very familiar with the helicopter , pilots , and technicians , as we maintained our 1 helicopter. My first western pacific deployment was an adventure for sure. We were based on the USS-Merrill(DD 976) , as an anti-submarine hunter for the ship , and  (even though other ships and carrier in the group had the same capabilities )  , we could sail closer to land in shallower water , so we were used to keep the seas clear for the other ships . And the Merrill could visit smaller foreign ports , so unlike the larger ships in our group , we pulled into many ports. Sailing the Western Pacific Ocean was an adventure for sure!  none  of the many foreign ports were better than the others(all were great!)but being a sailor from Bradenton, Fl made them all seem  bigger and more unique! Lots of thunder here , so ma’ nature may want me to wrap this up? So in a few days I’ll continue this topic!