DD(Dad’s Diary) 52

This  is more on the “tale-of-two-helicopters”. The H-2 and H-3 were quite unique for sure. Each systems operated different on each aircraft, and the Navigation Systems were much different on the 2 Helicopters. On The H-2 Helicopters the system was maintained and repaired by electronic-technicians , so as an electrical system technician , I stayed away them. But years later with the H-3’s we had to troubleshoot them , The H-2 system was very basic , as the aircraft was used near the USS;s . The H-3 had a system similar to most other aircraft , the AFCS systems (Automatic Flight Control Systems) used sensors to keep the Heading Steady , as they were frequently operated far out to sea , and away from other ships and bases. So where you were going , and rate of speed could be entered in the computer , and the aircraft was pointed that way in any weather, Now modern science and GPS make the task much simpler .
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DD(Dad’s Diary) 51

This is just a  continuation of “The Tale Of 2 Helicopters” ,  Rotor-Blade Fold Systems were a way to make them easier to move around on ships , and The H-3’s Were first used on Aircraft-Carriers , so the system was Automatic And Quick , as they had to get set and stowed rather fast , so other Aircraft could be Launched And Recovered Quickly! When the Rotor Blades needed to be folded , a switch was selected in the Cockpit , to start the sequence , And The Electrical Systems and Hydraulic Systems work together , First , The Blades are Aligned to the proper position  Automatically , then the Blades Are Folded , Allowing the Helicopter to have a more narrow Profile , and be stored close together. To Fold The Blades , just 1 of the 2 Jet Engines , had to be started , and since the System Didn’t need a Pilot , just a qualified Technician , as the Rotor Blades Weren’t engaged . Sure beat Doing it by hand on the H-2!

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