DD(Dad’s Diary)38

After Several Local Deployments @ HC(Helicopter Combat Support)2 In Virginia , I Was Deployed To Bahrain In The Middle-East , We were based on a tiny island in the Persian-Gulf , The 4 UH-3H helicopters were there for many different missions , But The main purpose was as an executive transport for the 5th fleet commander there . when the Admiral used the helicopter , the cabin was converted for the flight with  plush carpet and paneling to cover up wires and pipes in the cabin , and sound-proofing to minimize the rotor/engine noise. We were used to support the many USS’s passing through the area , The helicopters  could carry a lot of weight , so the  cabins were used to transport many pallets  of cargo and mail . Both Food and Mail are important , but the ship’s  were replenished and refueled too. There was also a small port , so some of the USS’s were tied-up there. Also   , many years earlier I visited Bahrain When I was aboard Ships. So when I was based there for 9 months I used a bicycle to get around. And was “somewhat?” used to the roads ! But a speeding taxi , and a bike are quite different ! My Tales there was interesting for sure. And will continue to share more in the next blog