DD(Dad;s Diary) 33

Millington Part 3!

After 8 years of sailing the Pacific-Ocean as a Technician on Helicopters , I returned to NATTC(Naval Air/Aviation Technical Training Center)-Millington , where I first learned the basics of my Trade as an E-1 , right after boot-camp . So Getting Sent there for an Advanced-Avionics School for 9 weeks was a welcomed break for sure. On the same base is the AE-A1 School(Aviation Electrical Systems Maintenance Basics) , so when the Avionics Course Was Complete , I Worked very hard to get my next orders to the AE school , Just a short aside , in the military you have little input on where you are assigned , The needs of the Navy are priority 1 , so the folks in DC have the final say ! So when I got orders to the school where I was once a student  as an E-1 ,  To be an E-5 instructor was an adventure for sure. But the real adventure for me , was the new Mobile-Home I got for me and my Son .

That is a story by itself , so Millington part 4 will be next…

DD(Dad’s Diary) 32

Millington Tenn part2!

Many years ago the base was used as a training field for military aircraft . And the basic aviation-school used retired A-4 aircraft for us to use for electrical systems training. The jets were the same type that John-Mc Cain was shot down over Vietnam . The Compartments that housed the systems and engine were very tight , and rather challenging for us. I’m sure that the P.O.W. s that spent several months in the Hanoi-Hilton would beg to differ!? The jets were not only used for us to practice on , but the final test for us troubleshoot an electrical problem for us to not only fix , but we were timed too. So after boot-camp I was sent there as an E-1 . First we went to a school to learn how to work around aircraft (Aviation-Fundamentals), that shows just how dangerous Jet-Blast can be , and how trash on the tarmac can harm turbine-engines. Then to a school to learn how to operate all of the ground support equipment(Power carts , tow tractors , etc).Next time on Millington Part 3 , I’ll cover more of the adventure…