DD(Dad’s Diary)31

N.A.T.T.C  (Naval Air Technical Training Command Millington) Was a break of sorts for me . Not only was the base far  from the ocean , but also on the same base  where I was Trained after Boot-Camp. So When my Advanced Avionics School Was Complete , I got orders to the Basic Aviation-Electrical-Systems-Maintenance  school , where I first learned my trade as an E-1 . The same classrooms that I once sat in a desk , I now Had a podium instead! , and I was an E-5 too. The Training I got was not just  on public-speaking , but how to teach the young people of my trade. While stationed there , part of my duties was live in and be a supervisor of sorts at our barracks every month or so . My naval duties were 1 thing , but when my son came to live with me , I became a mister-Mom too. Going from SWM to  a single-parent was quite the adjustment for sure. When I first learned of my new role , I went shopping for a new home. And being of the mobile  type of life , I found a new mobile -home , since it had wheels and could move with me , when my tour there endsThis story is 2 parter for sure!

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DD(Dad’s Diary)30

My Deployments in the Western-Pacific were great , but after 2 deployments for 9 months each , Shore duty was just what I needed. I was given orders to School in Millington , TN. The Advanced Avionics school was mainly for technicians that work on black boxes , so I was out of my usual field , as an aviation- electrician that worked on helicopters. Learning what and why things work on the inside was beyond my need to know , but did come in handy years later. I was always trained to just troubleshoot and swap out the black boxes , not to be concerned of why they were broke. Most of the students there were from the P-3 Navy , so I was quite different for sure. On the same base was where I learned The basics of my trade . I worked to get orders to the basic aviation-electical systems school. So when the  avionics school was complete for me , I got orders to Instruct in the school were I was once an E-1 student , so to come back as an E-5 was full-circle for me. My duty in Tn. was an adventure for sure. Just being there was an experience  by itself , but I also became a Mr . mom too. So I’ll have plenty more to add next time